Um, sup?

I made little progress on proofs today except draw a problem on a napkin and stare at it while supposedly socializing with family. Instead, I started a book called A Continue reading

master roshi

Mastery vs shortcuts

Learning is not easy. Learning math is especially hard. Learning abstract math, like proofs, is fairly difficult. The beauty of holistic learning is that it tries to make the abstract Continue reading


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

Congrats, I finally finished problem set 1 of the MIT discrete math course. That was three days behind schedule. The clear bottleneck is taking notes on the reading (10 pages Continue reading

hunger games

Oh my, cannot settle

Yesterday I claimed one could have everything, or at least two things at the same time. Today, I want to argue a different sentiment. How do you chose what to Continue reading


To Mastery and Beyond

Okay, mastery, it’s the goal. Of what? Of programming, of software development… Why? Because it’s the first key to creating the life I want for myself. Also because solving programming Continue reading


Hello World

For a long time, I have been unsure what to do with this blog. I am going to try something different, to blog about the man I am trying to Continue reading

Hello World

Hello World. This my new attempt at creating a blog. To this blog, I say: May the odds be ever in you favor.